Special Lenses



The problem with basic eyeglass lenses is the amount of reflection and glare that passes through the lens into the wearer’s eyes. To block the glare, a metal oxide coating is applied while the lenses are being created. With this coating in place reflections from fluorescent lights, headlights, streetlights, computer screens, along with all other sources of reflection are blocked from entering your eyes.


Anti-Reflective (AR) coatings serve many purposes, from promoting healthy vision to enhancing your physical appearance. Non-Glare lenses allow an increased amount of light to enter the eyes, which enhances vision when the individual is in a low light setting. Arguably the best feature of Non-Glare lenses is their cosmetic enhancements.


Without AR coatings, any individual who looks at a glasses wearer will see reflections on the lenses, a barrier from seeing these person’s eyes. With an AR coating your eyeglass lens, people will see your beautiful eyes when they look at you and not a reflection or glare from the surrounding area.


Scratch Resistance:


Although scratch resistant coatings do not make a lens “scratch proof” these coatings drastically improve the lenses resistance to scratches. Polycarbonate, and progressive lenses come with basic scratch resistance, yet advanced coatings are available that are miles beyond the basic coatings that come with some lenses. These advanced scotch guard coatings prevent lens smudging, are fog and dust resistant, are much easier to clean and are outstanding at guarding against scratches.


Polarized Lenses:


When it comes to eliminating glare, polarized lenses are the way to go.  The words “polarized sunglasses” are often thrown around yet not many people understand what polarized lenses are really all about.  Most people know the basics; polarized lenses offer superior sun protection.  Yet there is much more to these technologically advanced and reliable lenses.


The Polarized Lens

  • A polarized lens is treated with a substance that forms a filter.
  • This filter passes only light that does not match its orientation.  In sunglasses, the lenses are oriented in such a way to block out horizontally polarized light or glare.
  • This light coming through the lens is now considered polarized.


What You See


Because the polarized lens blocks out glare, your eyes see a clear view of the world, free of dangerous glare and distortion.


Polarized lenses are ideal for anyone who spends time outdoors or drives a car.  Bikers, fisherman, golfers, basketball players, baseball players, snowboarders, roofers, construction workers, police officers, mail workers and of course the average Joe should consider investing in a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses.  If you care about your eyes and protecting your vision, polarized sunglasses are the best choice.


Eliminating glare from your eyesight will cut down on headaches, and will make it easier to drive in the sunlight.  It can drastically improve your ability in sports, but overall polarized lenses are essential to maintain healthy eyesight.


If you would like to check if your sunglasses are polarized follow these steps.

1)    Hold your glasses at arms length and look through one of  the lenses at a computer screen

2)    Slowly rotate the glasses to a 90-degree angle and see if the intensity of the glare increases or decreases.

3)    If your sunglasses are polarized the glare will significantly decrease.



Here at Vision World we offer a variety of polarized sunglasses such as Ray Ban, Carrera, Sun Trends.  Our on site lab can also fabricate polarized sunglass lenses in almost any prescription to fit almost any frame!


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