About Us

Dr Rory Bowman graduated in 2003 from SUNY College of Optometry inNew York City.  He received his undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree fromBinghamtonUniversity.  Doc was raised inWantaghand returned in 2011 to serve his community. 


Dr. Bowman practices the “medical model” of optometry using sophisticated computerized equipment and analytical techniques to provide the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of eye disease. He performed an externship at the VA Hospital in Northport,Long Island in 2002.  As a student in 2002, Dr. Bowman was the recipient of a trip to the Alcon Research and Development complex in Texas due to his prowess in contact lens fitting and his commitment to cutting edge technology in lenses.


Aside from work Dr Bowman is an avid sports fan and has a passion for reading, writing, and most of all his wife and two children.