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Summer sunglass sale 25%off

It is that wonderful time again in which we all can kick back and relax and enjoy the warm weather.  Are you going to spend some time at the beach, or playing sports this summer?  If the answer is yes then you need to come in to our office today to get your hands on a great sunglass for great prices.  All prescription sunglasses purchased from June 30th until the end of August are 25% off the cost of the frame and lenses (excluding Maui Jim sunglasses).  We will also discount non-prescription sunglasses based upon brand.  we look forward to protecting your eyes this summer and making you look great as well.  Hope to see you soon


Dr. Bowman

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

With the summer closing in, it is very important to remember to keep those eyes protected with sunglasses.  That includes children as well.  Much of the ultraciolet exposure we get happens in the first quarter of our lives.


UV exposure can lead to cataract formation and has been associated with macular degeneration.  The suns rays can be absolutely devastating.  In the most extreme case I have seen, I examined a young 28 year old man with no complaints and 20/20 vision.


He was a landscapper and therefore spent much of his days outdoors.  I examined his ocular health and found a mass in his eye that turned out to be melanoma.


He never wore sunglasses because they hurt the bridge of his nose.  In the sun or even the overcast sky UV rays are dangerous.  Come on in and have a check-up.  Keep yourself safe, and look cool doing it.

Dissecting cows eye!

So I recently went into JFK high school in Bellmore and dissected a cow’s eye for the A.P. Bio class.  Mrs. Frank allowed me to come in and teach a full class of children all about the eye.


I was nervous at first because much of what I learned about the cow eye dissection was learned in optometry school, but, as with most things, it all came rushing back to me.  The class asked amazing questions and had a great deal of enthusiasm, and I enjoyed myself tremendously.


Teaching the next generation of future world leaders was a trip.  Anytime I can impart some wisdom to anyone else it makes me feel as though I have contributed to the world.


I would love to dissect a cow’s eye for any classroom that will have me.  Sorry for all those cows who gave their eyes to science but we appreciate your sacrifice!!!